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Academic Coaching

As parents we know you believe in...

  • Your student

  • Their ability to reach their highest potential

  • Their capability to accomplish their goals when equipped with the right resources

Students &

Adult Learners

We will help you...

  • Learn and apply new skills and methods that will help you utilize your strengths while managing your weaknesses

  • Keep track of your assignments, due dates, planning, and execution

  • Deal with setbacks

  • Get ready for independent college life


Life Coaching

Powerful Concepts to Help Individuals Design their Future

Do you want someone who can help you understand what is no longer working in your life and help you change it without minimizing any part of your identity or minimizing aspects of who you are?

A'Tem Consulting will work with you to find, claim, or reclaim your power in complex situations and develop healthy boundaries, communication, and intimacy in your relationships.  Life Coaching is relatively new field. The notion behind life coaching is that there is no one fundamental problem to solve. People receive additional layer of support from a coach  who aims to help them make what is already working, work even better. The work we do together will be guided by this simple belief that you are already whole, you are worthy of love from yourself and others, and you just need to find your way back to the centering story of strength and love within you. 

In our life coaching model our client..

 - Is the expert in their own life 

 - Answers questions openly 

 - Is open to the coach’s feedback to discover what action steps are necessary 

 - Is ready to move on to next level of performance.

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